Survey: Canada ‘safe and stable’ country for international students.

As international students return to their respective designated learning institutions (DLI), recent surveys from Navitas Insights show that they consider Canada a “safe and stable” study destination. These surveys were conducted to determine how COVID-19 is changing the fortune of international education destinations, as well as how it is changing student perceptions. Their findings exhibit how Canada is now among the top trusted study destination, second only to New Zealand, and tied with Australia.

However, back in November, findings from the International Student Crossroads survey suggested Australia could lose international students to Canada and the UK if borders remain closed with no contingency plan in sight. It’s safe to surmise that where sentiment is concerned, international students consider Canada more attractive than Australia for the way the government has handled the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s take a quick look at what has unfolded in the past few months to make Canada safe and stable for international students.

* Students can travel once universities are ready

* Students can receive stimulus checks

* Students benefit from immigration measures

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